SHEILA SWINERD - Ladies Singles Champion

Sunday 10th September 2017 8:32am | KEARSNEY B.C. FINALS DAY 2017

The Ladies Singles Championship between Brenda Law and Sheila Swinerd was held in warm sunshine with an enthusiastic crowd of supporters watching play.  Excellent initial play with the jack being greeted by both bowlers saw advantage going to Sheila having secured a two and two threes to give her the advantage of 10 shots to 3 by end eight.  Not deterred Brenda fought back and had reduced the deficit to just four shots by end fourteen.  Sheila now moved up a gear in the next three ends by adding a further 5 shots to her total.  End 17 - Brenda 8, Sheila 17.  Resilient play from Brenda over the next four ends saw her close the gap to just four shots. Brenda 13, Sheila 17.  Ends 21 and 22 saw Sheila extend her advantage by adding three more to her total taking her just one shot away from victory.  Not deterred Brenda won the 24th end to take her score to 14 but Sheila finally triumphed in securing the one shot needed on end twenty five.  Brenda 14  Sheila 21.  Excellent bowling from both and an intriguing match to watch.  FOR LIST OF ALL RESULTS SEE 'FINALS RESULTS' IN DOWNLOADS.


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