MURRAY LAW - Mens Singles Champion 2017

Saturday 9th September 2017 9:21pm | KEARSNEY B.C. FINALS DAY 2017

The Mens Singles Championship between Murray Law and John Broom proved to be the class of bowling expected from these two protagonists.  The game was held is bright sunshine watched enthusiastically by a good crowd of bowlers and social members.  John Broom set the scene on the very first end by trailing the jack with his last wood to secure the first shot, met with an equal response from Murray on the very next end.  The game carried on with both bowlers showing fine play and by end six the scores were equal at 3 shots apiece.  End seven saw the first two shot score secured by Murray only to be met with an impressive response from John who, as in end one, trailed the jack from Murray's shot wood just enough to secure himself a further three shots.  Murray response was to pull back the loss in the next two ends.  John responded with a further three on the eleventh taking him one shot in the lead.  The next three ends saw Murray gaining five shots to lead 13 shots to 9 by end fourteen.  The following two ends gave John a distinct advantage when he pegged up a 3, followed by a 4 as opposition slipped due to some lax play by Murray.   16 - 13 to John.  As it turned out the next end (17) was crucial.  John holding two, possibly three shots with shot wood sitting on the jack.  Murray, not at all to be fazed by John's excellent deliveries, pulled off the shot of the match drawing onto John's shot wood by just enough to nudge it off to lay shot himself.  16 - 14 to John.  By the eighteenth end Murray had secured two more shots to level the scores at 16 apiece.  The next three ends also went to Murray with another 4 shots in the bag.  Just one more shot needed for victory.  John picked up a single on end 22.  End 23 saw John again holding shot before Murray's delivery secured the winner by removing John's wood.  Murray 21  John 17.   An excellent match from both players and a thrill to watch.        


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